3 Reasons Your Coaching Biz Isn’t Growing – IGTV


This episode is for YOU!

In today’s episode, I am digging deep into the 3 big reasons why many coaches don’t create the IMPACT, INFLUENCE, or INCOME they truly desire. 

Loving bitch-slap alert – said with love as you need to know these if you want to get results happening in your coaching business. 

I’m also sharing a behind-the-scenes of what I’ll be teaching inside of my new program the STARTUP SQUAD!

It’s for coaches who want to hit their first $10-$15,000 per month by making more impact and influence on social media growing and monetizing their audience with authenticity and integrity and being on fire and focused to be sure that their vision comes to reality 

Whether you’re a coach or not, these three tips are gonna help you show up, stand up, take up space and make an incredible impact in your business and in the world! 

And if you want to hear more about the start-up squad click the link here Queen!

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

00:00 The Start Up Squad 

05:58 Making More Impact, More Influence, and Making More Money

06:17 Three Core Big Key Areas Why We’re Not Making Money

06:31 Your Mindset Affects the Results You Want in Your Business

08:01 If It’s Not Resources, Its Resourcefulness

10:16 Lack of Focus on Vision, Dream, and Mission

10:34 What is Success Mean to You?

11:45 A Lie to Tell Yourself to Keep Yourself Small

12:18 The Answer is You Slaying Your Goals

13:29 Having No Clarity is Making No Money

14:07 You Have Your Own Story 

15:36 Knowing Your Story Lets You Know Who You Can Help

15:52 Life’s Experiences Build Trust

17:29 The Impact and Influence are Missing 

 20:55 Amplify and Monetize

22:39 It’s About Keeping It Real

23:56 People Know What to Do – They Just Don’t Do What They Know

24:20 The Vulnerability and The Realness Creates Connection

25:45 You Have to Make Money

27:06 Selling Organically and Authentically

28:58 Business is Being of Service to the Client

29:58 Getting Paid for Helping People

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