Age GRATEFULLY (it’s my birthday)

Hola, hola! It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! 

That’s right, I’m getting older. And I’m filled with deep gratitude for every single moment of it.

We hear so much about fighting the signs of aging, trying to look as youthful as we can and aging gracefully. But screw that, none of that matters. 

I’m gonna age GRATEFULLY.

In this episode, I talk about the miracle of being alive and how losing my first husband at the age of 23 made me see getting older as something to be grateful for. 

Being alive is a gift that not everyone gets.

It doesn’t matter how young you look, how much money you make or how many followers you have.

You can’t take any of that stuff with you. 

It’s time to flip the script on what aging means to you. What really matters in your life?
Forget age gracefully. Age GRATEFULLY.


[1:40]: Looking as youthful as we can is a thing in our society but I want to age gratefully 

[4:30]: Losing my first husband at age 23 makes me grateful to age and not just worry about looking young

[6:40]: The fact that you’re alive is a miracle and something to be grateful for. You have no idea how much longer you have.

[9:00]: We don’t appreciate the gift of life until someone takes it away. The normal moments mean so much.

[11:20]: Every night I reach out to touch my children and I’m grateful for the gift of life.

[13:00]: Flip the script on what aging means to you. 

[15:15]: The practise of gratitude

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