Audiobook Series: Chapter 6 – Choice

Before you live a life with confidence, you need to acknowledge the fact that you have choices. 

You have the choice to do what you want or not do what you don’t want. 

But the big question is: What kind of choices are you making? 

Do they help empower you to step out of your comfort zone and build the life you truly desire or do they keep you in fear, avoiding the opportunities you’ve dreamed of? 

This is actually the first part of creating confidence. It’s step one of practicing confidence. 

It’s because truly effective decision-making can only come from a place of empowering choices.

You may have the thought about making the decision in your head to start creating confidence within yourself today. But you have to understand that the decision made in your mind is not a decision made. 

Choice and decision work together when it comes to you practicing confidence.

That’s why when you choose to make a decision now, you have to do something about it. You have to take action and make it happen right away. 

Don’t wait for years before you take action. It’s your life and your future we’re talking about here Queen.

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:31 Acknowledging the Fact that You Have Choices

02:06 Choice and Decision Go Hand in Hand in Practicing Confidence

02:36 The Decision Made Doesn’t Line Up With the Choice

03:02 Procrastination Station, Analysis Paralysis, and Self-Sabotage

03:50 A Decision Made in Your Head is Not a Decision Made

04:21 Your Reasons Don’t Bring the Results You Want

05:07 The First Choice You Need to Make is to Decide

06:01 Putting Your Desires First Moves You in the Direction You Want

06:52 Putting Your Own Needs Last Delays Your Own Happiness

07:14 This is What It Looks Like When You Don’t Step Into Choice

07:57 Consequences When Deciding Not to Make Active Choices

08:05 Self-Sabotaging – Letting Your Fear Holds You Back 

08:53 Procrastinating – Putting Things Off that Results in Lack of Action

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