Audiobook Series: Chapter 7 – Courage

Courage is crucial in creating your confidence. And it also goes hand in hand with choice.

It means that the moment you make an important decision in life, it needs a lot of courage to do so. 

But it doesn’t come to you unless you actually do the thing you are most scared of. 

In fact, that’s what defines the word courage. It makes you feel nervous and freaked out, but you still take the move no matter what. 

So one of the major problems for most women wanting to create confidence is they usually find it hard to take the scary steps forward. And that is because they lack courage. 

And that’s what I want to explain in this particular chapter of this audiobook sneak peek. 

Remember sis, courage gives you the opportunity to start living the life you truly deserve. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:31 Courage is an Important Part of Creating Confidence

01:55 Courage Comes After You’ve Made the Choice

02:12 The Definition of the Word “Courage”

04:14 Growing Wings Right Before You Hit the Bottom

04:48 Taking a Risk is Being Courageous

05:50 Courage is All About Stepping Into the Unknown

06:07 The Magic of Surrender

07:20 Embracing and Surrendering to the Unknown

07:41 Committing to Walking with Courage

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