Audiobook Series: Chapter 9 – Consider

It always doesn’t feel good at all when you see yourself as a failure. 

You may get discouraged and it eventually doesn’t make you want to go and move forward. 

However, you need to try again. Whenever you fall, you got to get your ass back up and do it again. 

It’s because if you do, it will significantly help you build your resilience. It transforms you into a person who doesn’t care about falling anymore. 

Then, you’ll get a whole new perspective in life, where you’re turning all of your experiences into new learning. 

With that, this particular chapter of this audiobook will discuss one of the five C’s – consider. 

It is to consider the results of the actions you took and how you deal with all of the experiences you had in the past. 

To know more about it, go ahead and listen to this audiobook and find out those opportunities you have to consider in creating your confidence.

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:31 Reflection, Evaluation, and Perspective

01:50 The Outcome or the Result of Your Action 

02:20 Believing that Words Have Power

02:53 Redefining the Word Failure

03:14 Going Back to Evaluate What Worked and What Didn’t

03:37  The More I F*ck Up, The More I Learn

04:23 How Does It Feel When You Fail?

05:30 Failing Will Build Your Resilience

06:20 Going Back to Find the Gift

07:25 In Every Single Experience That Feels Like Sh*t, You Will Learn

07:37 Not Committing to Learn From Your Experience
08:20 Becoming a Permanent Resident of “Victim” Land

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