Audiobook Series: Chapter 1 – The Truth About Confidence

Being confident requires so much hard work. 

And the journey to get there is an absolute rite of passage that knows no boundaries when it comes to feeling embarrassment, shame, discomfort, fear, and self-doubt. You name it! 

But when you create your true confidence, you are able to get into a space where you keep a hundred percent of your power to choose what you believe, how you feel, and how you’re gonna live your life. 

You know what? It’s pretty incredible to live a life that way. It’s totally life-changing! 

I know this because this is how I live my life today. And I want you to experience that as well. 

This is what I do. I always keep reminding women, like you, how valuable, worthy, and important you are. 

So with this audiobook, I want you to absorb all of the words it contains, feel the impact of the messages I’ve shared, and truly understand what you need to do to get into the driver’s seat of your life. 

Always remember that once you have true confidence, you will have a deeper understanding of what you really want and what you truly deserve out of life. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

00:05 The journey to become confident

00:23 What happens when you create your confidence?

00:37 Being confident allows you to transcend all things that hold you back. 

01:40 The reason why you won’t care about the opinions of others

02:06 The freedom to truly live your life without limitations

03:12 The path of confidence has the power to change your life

04:35 There are no shortcuts when it comes to gaining real confidence. 

05:58 The metaphorical slap mentioned in this book

07:27 The purpose of this book

08:16 Confidence feels like sh*t.

08:55 It begins and ends with you. 

09:14 Take responsibility for yourself. 

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