🧲 Becoming Magnetic: Book #2 SNEAK 👀 PEEK!!!!!

In this podcast episode, Erika Cramer, a confidence coach and author, shares that her next book is about magnetism and will be published by Penguin in January 2025. She recently ran a live event for her clients where she gave them a preview of the book and read the forward.

The book is about becoming a magnetic woman and how to cultivate and harness your magnetic essence. Erika explains that magnetism is not about seeking attention or some abstract concept, but rather a real and powerful energy that already exists within each person.

She hopes that the book will guide readers on how to embrace their being, voice, and space in the world. Erika also shares that writing the book has unlocked many opportunities for her personally and she is excited to share it with her audience.

She encourages listeners to think about their own magnetism and what they are attracting or repelling in their lives. She asks them to consider who they need to become and how they can show up in spaces to attract the things they desire. Erika expresses her gratitude to her listeners and asks them to share the podcast with women who may benefit from it.

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