Being a fully embodied Witchy Woman with Sarah Borst

Get ready my love, today’s episode is a special one. We have a divine sensual ass goddess who is going to tell you all about what it is to be an embodied, empowered witch.  We break down what it looks like to heal your past traumas and what the word witch really means. Enjoy darlings x E

Sarah Elizabeth Borst is a sensual, soulful, seductress of the most, raw, poetic & powerful parts of you. As an Embodiment Doula + Photo Witch, she supports brave womxn & femmes in taking up radically unapologetic space, learning how to self-advocate without fear, making love to their shadows, recognizing, honoring + utilizing their light, nurturing their intuitive gifts, cultivating ritual, reclaiming the f*ck out of their bodies & birthing ceremonious lives they feel on fire for.

She conjures up consciousness shifting self-love on the daily, disrupting the disempowered narrative of a broken, systemically oppressive, patriarchy through Private Mentorships, Energetic Embodiment Sessions, Feminist Boudoir, Conscious Visual Content Creation for the Boss Babe + her signature online academy for the wild womxn, Nourish Like a Goddess, Live Like a Witch. 

Books we mention in this episode:

Bell Hooks – Feminism Is For Everybody

Gerald G. Jampolsky – Love Is Letting Go of Fear