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Biz Series – Is it time to sack your mentor?

As you may know, my husband and I used to be in a cult. The guy who ran it was a business coach and we were in his program for two years. It was full on and as much as we learned a lot and it was incredible in hindsight, the values of this man and the narcissistic behaviour were huge red flags that we didn’t see at the time. We were allowing his values to take over us and when we finally got it, we realised how far out of alignment we were with this guy.

So I’m talking directly to my business ladies out there today. Maybe you already have a coach, maybe you’re looking for one, but the question I need you to ask yourself is, “Do they align with who I am, or who I am aspiring to be.” If the answer is, “no” then you’ve got to get the hell out of there.

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