Branding & Business with Confidence with Suz Chadwick

This episode is for all you business ladies out there. Suz has been a dear friend (yes we met on Instagram) we have chatted all things confidence and business and today she is here to give you the gift of How to Play Big and brand bold in your bios I was. She gives you some really tangible tools you can use no matter what stage of biz you are in. We also chat about her new book and how you can hang out with us LIVE in person! Enjoy today’s episode darling! X E


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If you’ve been holding back, wanting to do more and be more then Erika and Suz will be sharing actionable strategies you can start to implement in your life and business right now. 

Confidence Rising will be a safe, empowering & inspiring space to learn how to rise confidently in your life and your business.

This full day event is designed to give you all the tools you need to create confidence, own your message and overcome the self doubt.

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