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COVID: How To Speak Your Truth

I’ve been getting messages lately from people who are concerned that they’ve been copping flack for expressing their opinions on social media. Whatever the topic is, it doesn’t matter but certainly right now in the time of COVID it’s really being highlighted how different our views can be. My love, I need you to understand that’s okay. We’re not all supposed to agree. We’ve all come to our own conclusions in our own unique way.

Remember that your social media is your place and you are entitled to share what you want on your own page. I’m not saying you should go and be a jerk. Be nice. Be kind. Just understand that not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s normal. Don’t hide yourself away because you feel like you’ll lose followers. Girl, if you lose followers that’s a GOOD thing. The people that connect with you will stay and you’ll be creating a safer space for each other.

Don’t troll y’all. Don’t waste your time arguing with people you don’t know on social media. Just block, delete and move on. It’s not worth it.

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