Doing Divorce Differently with Danni Zetzer

🤯Research says people stay in unhappy marriages for TWELVE YEARS, and the average age for people to get divorced … 40 or 45.

That is a LONG time to be unhappy. But how do you know if divorce is the next step or if you’re not in that space how can work with your partner now to ensure you AVOID it all together?

When you do get DIVORCED it’s a big, scary word that for most of us brings up the idea of a messy, nasty and expensive process full of bitterness and resentment.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if there was ANOTHER WAY to complete a relationship? One with grace, peace and dignity?

My incredible guest, Danni Zetzer is here to help you do just that, her work as a family divorce lawyer helps women (and men) do divorce differently – or avoid divorce altogether – by giving people a pathway to agency, facilitating amicable separation and helping to keep families out of court.

Danielle shares how her own experiences of divorce, both as a child of divorced parents AND as a divorced single mother of three have shaped her work as a lawyer, and how by taking a different approach to divorce she’s seen her clients save HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars and lessen the impact on themselves, their kids and everyone around them.


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