The last chapter – behind the scenes of my process

This is an episode that I never meant to be an episode.

I was listening back through my old voice memos on my phone, and I found this one where Hamish and I were talking through the last chapter of my book. 

I wanted to take you behind the scenes with me, back to the moment where we decided what the last chapter needed to say.

By this point, I had written so much. I had stayed up so late for so many nights in a row just ferociously writing, editing, reading, and I was exhausted.

But I was also so on fire knowing that this book was going to get done, and it was going to be everything that I hoped it would be.

To have the support of my husband Hamish through writing this book was so incredible. He is so thoughtful, patient and reframes things for me when I need it. You’ll hear how we bounce ideas off each other in this episode and the moment that I had my most powerful breakdown.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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