🫶🏽 Helping Your Kids Through Anxiety & Worry

In this episode of the Confidence Chronicles podcast, Erika Cramer discusses her experience with her 9-year-old son’s anxiety and shares the tools and techniques she has been using to support him. She emphasizes the importance of doing the work on oneself as a parent in order to effectively support a child with anxiety.

Erika explains how she has been using Byron Katie’s four questions to help her son challenge his anxious thoughts and beliefs. She also discusses the use of breathing exercises and journaling as additional tools to help her son manage his anxiety. Erika encourages parents to have open and honest conversations with their children about their thoughts and feelings and to actively seek out resources and support to help them navigate anxiety.

She concludes by emphasizing the importance of living and embodying the tools and techniques oneself in order to effectively teach and support children with anxiety.

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