How does your brand make people feel with Maranda Joiner

I can’t wait for you to hear from the amazing woman that is Maranda Joiner. We met on Clubhouse early this year and instantly connected! I’m so excited to have her on the podcast to share her wisdom.

Maranda is a former radio personality turned Brand Strategist who in 2018, quit her job to pursue her dream of helping people feel seen without guilt or shame so they can RUN into success with confidence. 

Now, she helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners realise their unique brand voice and weave it into their purpose to make money. 

As a Jackson, Mississippi native, Maranda has consulted and served as the brand manager for talent, placing them in a position to perform at Essence, on Comedy Central, and TruTV. 

She has also worked as an on-air radio personality for fourteen years and for seven years, she curated and hosted an open mic experience called Synergy Nights.

In this episode, I talk to Maranda about her new book, “A Lot Alike: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Branding And Purpose”. I absolutely devoured this book and we unpack it a little to talk about creating a branding experience and how making an emotional impact is far more powerful than having everything look perfect.

Maranda shares some of the valuable lessons she learned from being raised by a single mother, why fear is sometimes necessary, how her life experiences got her to where she is today plus loads of tangible things you can do to get your brand aligned and on purpose.

This episode is HOT.  I know you’ll enjoy this one.


[2:10]: How Maranda created a branding experience on Clubhouse and ran it similarly to her

open mic nights where she got used to managing the different energy in the room

[4:40]: Creating an emotional experience matters more than making everything look perfect.

[5:30]: Maranda talks about what she does as a former radio personality turned brand strategist 

[6:30]: Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why was one of the books that helped give her confidence to do what she does

[7:30]: Maranda’s upbringing being raised by a single mother and what they taught her about showing up in the world

[9:00]: Maranda went to college and excelled working for other people but always wanted to do something for herself. Her radio career began by getting an internship at a hip hop station.

[11:30]: How Maranda quit her job to transitioned into working for herself 

[15:00]: Working for yourself is so rewarding but it’s not for everyone because it’s lonely and a lot of hard work

[17:00]: How Maranda’s mother and grandmother were great role models and taught her how to be consistent and always show up

[21:00]: Our children in this generation are a lot more catered to compared to previous generations 

[23:30]: How it feels for Maranda to have her book out in the world, how she underestimated how much it would impact her and how it’s been so well received

[31:00]: The biggest thing missing in entrepreneurship when it comes to branding is the intentional feeling they want to give to people. The feeling is connected to the purpose.

[33:00]: Most of us can go back to a moment in our lives where it connects us to our purpose and then you find the feeling. When you connect to emotion in people, that’s what helps them make a decision.

[36:00]: How Erika’s son, Raven, was born on the same day that Maranda’s mother passed away. 

[38:00]: Pretty please leave me a review!

[40:00]: Make a plan for fear instead of avoiding it. Fear is an indicator that something is coming.

[44:00]: Maranda breaks down the 4 things to help you dream. Accepting fear, accepting you’re not for everyone. 

[46:00]: Having a routine and discipline and writing things down with pen and paper. Writing with your hand is directly connected to manifestation.

[49:25]: Erika talks about writing her book and how she went into a tunnel while writing about her past.

[51:30]: Clarity and speed are your best friends. Maranda breaks this down and how this is linked to branding and messaging to capture your audience.

[53:45]: Why the elevator pitch matters, knowing when it’s necessary and taking advantage of the opportunities you’re given to share your story.

[59:00]: Erika talks about shaping her pitch to speak to her business audience. A good rule of thumb is to start at the end and make 3 points.

[1:02:00]: Being on social media is like standing in front of someone naked and asking them to love you. 

[1:07:00]: How a lot of people’s biggest fear is failure. At the root of failure is judgement because if you could fail in private, it wouldn’t matter so much.

[1:11:00]: Maranda’s book includes a section at the back for people to write down their thoughts and ideas. 

[1:12:25]: The thing Maranda wants people to feel when reading her book: to feel seen so they can accept where they are and grow from that space.

[1:15:00]: Where to find Maranda and buy her book

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

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