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How to hear your intuition

Today’s episode is an IGTV from my Q&A Tuesday show. The question was:

“How do I tune into my intuition? I feel like I’m blocked. I feel like I don’t get messages. How do I know if I’m have intuition or not and why do I feel like it’s not coming through for me?”

We often hear the word “download” used when people are talking about listening to their intuition, and that might not be a word that resonates with you. Maybe you think that because you’re not getting “downloads” that you don’t have intuition. That’s not the case.

Everyone has intuition. Your intuition is basically just your feelings. If you’re really listening to how you’re feeling, how your body is reacting to a situation, or a thought – that’s all it is. Just being more aware of your body and your mind is all it is.

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