How to make real impact on social media

Listen ladies, we’ve got to stop treating social media like it’s the devil. You know why people say it’s toxic? Because they’re following fake as shit accounts where the grid is perfect, the stories are perfect, the kids look perfect and there’s not a shred of hair out of place. It’s not social media’s fault, it’s our fault. We need to stop putting on this mask that everything is fucking perfect, and just be okay with the fact that it’s not. We’re all real people. We all have real problems. We all poo. You know what I’m saying? Perfection is what is keeping us disconnected from each other, and that’s what I’m coming at you to say today.

This is an Instagram live that I did, and I felt it was still so relevant that I had to share it with you on the podcast. So listen up ladies. Stop trying to be something that you’re not to avoid the judgement. People are going to judge you no matter what you do, you’ve just got to work on being okay with it.

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