How to not go Cray Cray this holiday season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year..“ Or not! 

The holiday season for most people is extremely difficult. 

In today’s episode, I wanted to give you some actionable tips and things to consider when moving into one of the busiest most hectic times of the year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the end of the year is usually a time where most of us have to exercise our values, our boundaries and start practising everything we’ve been learning about working on ourselves. 

Some of the topics are covered in this episode are: 

  • How to create an intention so that you may get the results you desire this season
  • How not to allow family dynamics to trigger you into old patterns and behaviour
  • How to set boundaries for yourself and your family unit
  • Discovering different ways to approach food and alcohol this season 

Plus so much more. Basically, I want to give you permission to be who you need to be this season and if something is not working for you then knowing it’s okay to say no I walk away from it. 

As always I hope deserves you and I wish you the best holiday season ever. 

X E 

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