How to thrive as an empath with Danielle Laura

Oh my goodness, this episode is HUGE. In today’s episode, I talk with the most beautiful soul, Danielle Laura, and I can’t wait to share our conversation with you.

Danielle is an intuitive healer, 2 time best selling author and spiritual adviser to celebrities, power couples, conscious thought leaders and organisations. She guides her clients back home to self, helping them understand the connection between their energetic blueprint and their relationship to themselves and others.

In this episode, Danielle shares all about her unconventional journey from corporate western medicine into the world of healing, spirituality and entrepreneurship. She is so passionate as she speaks, it’s contagious. I could listen to her talk all day long and there are so many pearls of wisdom for you here today.

We talk about being an empath, how we can so easily take on the energy of other people and how it’s so important to incorporate cleansing and protection practises in your day to day life. Danielle shares some really practical tips for doing this so you can show up in your life without being depleted.

Amongst so many things, we talk about facing your shit and doing the deep inner work to truly know yourself and what you’re about. Danielle talks us through her H.O.T. method, which stands for honest, open and transparent and shares some questions we need to ask ourselves to start living truly aligned with our souls. 

If you’re feeling like something is missing, if you’re interested in spirituality, holistic health, you’re frustrated with your current situation or you just want to be inspired and encouraged, this episode is for you my friend. You’re going to absolutely love Danielle and everything she brings here today.


[2:40]: How Danielle is a spiritual adviser and intuitive healer, helping people understand the connection between their energetic blueprint and relationship to themselves and others

[3:25]: How 2020 was a year of having to face up to things to fully be in alignment with true self

[5:15]: How Danielle always felt called to the healing profession and pursued nursing and counselling but eventually became disillusioned with the industry and governmental redtape

[7:10]: Danielle could always feel and read people’s energy which made her feel crazy and stressed and how she eventually became obsessed with alternative healing and became a Reike master.

[8:50] Feeling unhappy even though she had everything, Danielle went through a spiritual awakening where she began to question everything, left her corporate job and dove into entrepreneurship

[10:50]: How Danielle began to see that she was taking on pain and emotions from others to the point where she didn’t know what was hers. Empaths need to learn how to cleanse and protect themselves so they can keep showing up with a full cup and not be depleted.

[13:40]: Find out what your baseline is by scanning yourself first thing in the morning and have a strong cleansing and protection practise 

[15:00]: If you feel a shift in your energy, it’s a sign you’ve taken on someone else’s energy instead of your own

[16:50]: Know yourself and be responsible for creating a plan to form a hedge of protection. Be intentional. 

[19:00]: Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an empath, you still take on energy from others

[20:45]: How Danielle’s journey into natural and energetic healing came through trial and error of western medicine and believing that she didn’t have to be on medication for the rest of her life.

[22:30]: Please write a review for my podcast!

[23:55]: In America, we are conditioned to believe that only things proved by science are worthwhile but there are people bridging the gap between science and the energetic side of things

[25:00]: We have to discover what we believe and what is real for us by being honest, open and transparent (the HOT method)

[26:45]: The HOT method is about being honest with ourselves about who we really are and what we really want. 

[28:00]: How we are conditioned to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of everybody else and we’re not taught to think about what we really want. We need to do the inner work and ask ourselves questions on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

[30:00]: The fastest way to the light is through the darkness. Once you go there, you can see where the dissonance is and see what needs to be shifted on an energetic level

[32:30]: How when Danielle tried to fit into the box and follow the rules, things didn’t work and she felt stifled. When she started showing up authentically and spoke freely, her business exploded.

[35:45]: When you master your energetic blueprint and be fiercely loyal to it, you will always be in business. You don’t have to follow a formula because you decide if it works or it doesn’t.

[38:00]: Danielle talks about her books and the inspiration behind both of them

[39:08]: In 2021, women need to be true to themselves and rise. Be loyal to yourself and stop putting on the old unworthiness. 

[41:15]: Try on the new version of yourself and start taking the action that she would take NOW

[42:30]: How one of Danielle’s goals for 2021 is to have a podcast

[43:08]: The conglomerate of people who have been mentors in Danielle’s life and how we can learn from everyone around us by asking questions and implementing their wisdom into our own lives

[45:00]: We have the choice to live with a grudge toward people who have hurt us or to be grateful for the lesson that we can learn through the pain. Everything that is happening is happening for your highest good.

[46:15]: Take a H.O.T. inventory by writing down everything you hate in the categories of relationship, career, health and spirituality. Then write down the best case scenario and you’ll see the most important things that need to change. Then take one action.

[48:00]: Take a small tiny step because if you try to change everything all at once, it’s overwhelming.

[50:00]: Danielle’s conscious clothing line, Tri Vibe Collective, which is a sustainable, organic clothing line

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