How to TRULY Age Gratefully with Jodi Harrison Bauer

How to TRULY Age Gratefully with Jodi Harrison Bauer

“Why do you wanna get on stage in a bikini, in no clothes and in stripper heels at the age of 49? Because I can!”

My friends, it is my deep honor and privilege to have Jodi Harrison Bauer on the show today.

Jodi is a coach, business owner, 2x world bikini competitor and expert in AGING FIERCELY. Best known for being the oldest woman to audition for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she has made a career of stepping out of the box society put her in.

Across all her social channels, including her podcast Fearlessly Authentic, Jodi aims to educate, EMPOWER, entertain and inspire others to find their voice, confidence and their authentic selves.

Jodi has worked hard to get to where she is. At 62 years old many people start to slow down but she is JUST getting started.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How MENTAL & PHYSICAL strength helped her navigate divorce
  • Social media and the negative impacts it has on our BODY IMAGE
  • Changes YOU can make to put yourself first.

… and so much more!


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