Integrity In The Coaching Industry

Integrity In The Coaching Industry

Are you a coach?

OR are you thinking about becoming a coach?

OR are you thinking about INVESTING in a coach of some kind?

If so, I want you to listen to this episode because there are some big issues in the coaching industry that I see all the time. Issues in regards to the INTEGRITY of coaches.

The coaching industry is NOT regulated in any way, and that means that really ANYONE can call themselves a coach.

But at what cost?

What happens when people who don’t have the toolkits and the SKILL SETS necessary to really coach someone through their stuff?

In this episode I cover:

  • The difference between coaches who have integrity and those who don’t
  • Why it’s NOT ENOUGH to have just done the work on yourself if you want to become a coach
  • The HUGE responsibility of being in a therapeutic space that is UNDERESTIMATED in the coaching world

… and so much more