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Is your purpose calling you?

I get a lot of messages from women saying things like, “No one is speaking up for the beauty industry, the LGBTQ community, single mothers…” etc, it could be any niche. They’re wanting more to be done but for some reason don’t think it should be them that uses their voice. They wish something more was said or done for a certain community, but they don’t do anything themselves.

Consider that perhaps that’s your purpose calling you to action. If you are passionate about something, then use your voice and start a movement, start a group, start a YouTube channel. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just start something. If you’re wishing that someone would speak up for a cause, why is that person not you?

Your purpose lies in the thing that you’re most passionate about. It doesn’t matter how “small” you think that thing might be. If it makes you happy and you feel fulfilled, that’s all that matters.

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