IWD: Ask for What You Want & Be Prepared to Get It

What do you WANT?

What would you LOVE for yourself?

Are YOU asking for what you want?

On this special International Women’s Day episode, I want you to think about why as women, we are not so good at asking for what we want – actually speaking out loud and ASKING people for help, for support, for what we want and need.

The truth is we have a FEAR of asking for what we want because we think we’re gonna be a burden, we think we should just FIGURE IT OUT ourselves OR we subconsciously worry about what might happen if we DO get everything we want – cuz that can be scary too, right?

But if we aren’t ASKING for what we want, how do we think we’re gonna get it? There are so many people out there who can’t wait to help you out – and all you have to do is ASK…

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why we, as women, as scared to ask for what we want
  • How communicating with CONFIDENCE about what we want can get us closer to our goals SO much faster!
  • Why someone saying no to you is actually a good thing

… and so much more!


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