📓 JOURNALING: The BEST way to know yourself (Behind the scenes Sistahood Masterclass snippet)

Want to know the best way to truly know yourself?


Seriously, I can’t tell you enough how much I believe in journaling and how much it has changed my life personally.

Today’s episode is a little snippet from a live Journaling masterclass I ran for my Sistahood community members and I just knew YOU needed to listen in.

The full masterclass was 90 minute so if you’d like to learn more about journaling or you want to join us inside of the Sistahood – literally – there has NEVER been a better time (click below to check out the program)

In this short snippet I share a few key questions to ask your self and I explain the reason why i think journaling is so powerful in learning how to change your life and how to truly understand yourself.

I invite you to listen AND to try journaling for yourself, it is truly a game-changer tool for those who want to grow and get back in touch with WHO they are.

Lastly Queen, if you want to learn more about working with me inside of the Sistahood – you can check out all the details here!

Sistahood Program: https://thequeenofconfidence.com/sistahoodonline-iwd

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