Meet my mom

This is a really special episode because my guest today is my Mom, Margarita Ortiz! 

She is going to be sharing her story with us.  She’s been a single mother who has struggled her whole life with bi- polar disorder and she has done a lot of work on herself and has completely transformed her life.

My Mom and I have faced challenges and struggles in our relationship, parent- child relationships are tricky!

Our childhoods and the way we were raised affects us and shapes who we become as adults.  So if truly we want to understand ourselves… why we have blocks and the complicated relationships that we have with the people who raised us, we need to first understand our parents and have compassion for their story.  

My Mom is my hero, she never gave up on me and she helped shape who I am today. I’m so excited to share with you who Margie is, her story, her background and the experiences that made her the woman she is today.

Enjoy the episode!




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