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Biz Series: Be a good mum or be successful?

My love, listen up. Stop this ridiculous thought that if you’re a mother, you can’t also have a thriving business. I get questions all the time from women asking how I run my business and also have two kids. You know what, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You’re making it difficult by thinking that you need to be everything to everybody. As much as I’m telling you here that you CAN have a business and be a great mother, you also need to recognise that you CAN’T do it all. There are sacrifices that you need to make in order to live the big dreams. There are many things that I’d like to do, that I simply don’t have time to do. You have to really think about what’s important presently, and work towards creating that reality for yourself. 

Don’t sit there thinking that it’s all too hard, that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t make organic fucking meals for your children, clean the whole house and have your shit together all the time. Ladies, you know I’m a hot mess. But I know what’s important. I have my priorities and I get shit done. Step out of the guilt that you’re surrounding yourself with and choose to make your life better.


As live events are postponed until further notice, we are taking all our coaching and masterclasses ONLINE. Keep up to date on what we’ve got going on via our website and as I mentioned in this episode, if you are a mother in business, you need to be in the Sistahood. We would love to have you.