New Year, Same Shit?

The past couple of years has been one hell of a ride for most of us – without a shadow of a doubt the pandemic has shaken up and changed lives all around the globe.

And since none of us saw this coming,  we all had very different experiences and were impacted in many different ways. 

You’ve probably heard me say to look for the gold nuggets hidden in the pile of s@it !   And the gold nuggets hidden in this whole experience are that how we live our lives and how we spend our time is more precious and important than anything else. 

Many people are now asking themselves the important questions: How do I want my life to look, feel, who do I want around me, who do I want to be?

With the fresh new year of 2022, everyone was given the opportunity to realign with their goals and intentions, chase their dreams, and make new plans. 

And while most people will get excited about making plans, it’s simply not enough.  In order to make those plans happen you have to put those plans into ACTION….if you don’t do anything new and make the necessary changes in your life, nothing’s gonna happen!!

And you can expect that 2022 will only end with the same sh*t. 

So if you are wanting to make this new year the best year of your life.  If you are wanting a new mindset, to get your goals and dreams into alignment, and to make SH@T HAPPEN, then my love you are in luck because I made this podcast for YOU!!

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:37 New Year, Same Shit? Or, New Year, New Mindset?

02:33 The Start of this Year and the End of Last Year 

02:45 My Free Workbook

03:14 Trying to Bring Ease Into My Life

03:52 Everything Felt Survival for the Past Years

05:05 Being on Defense the Whole Year

05:51 Taking Four Weeks Off

06:48 Having an Intention, But Not an Expectation

07:59 Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

08:16 Getting Aged or Mature in these Past Two Years

08:32 The Pandemic Has Made Significant Changes

09:03 Making Life and Time More Precious

09:35  Prioritizing Your Health and Fitness 

10:51 A Moment to Start and Choose Again

11:04 An Opportunity of Leaving that Sh*t

11:18 When I Went to the Beach

13:03 Free Workbook – 2022 Goals and Intentions

14:31 The Way You Look at the World

15:45 Doing Nothing Means Nothing Will Change

17:33 Writing Down Everything in the Next 10 Years

20:41 Doing a 10-Year Plan

21:09 Breaking Down Your Goals 

21:58 The Organic Growth in the Startup World

23:50 It’s Gonna Be a Pipe Dream

24:16 The TIme to Achieve Your Goals and Visions is Now

24:39 Look straight – Be Intentional About What You Want

25:35 Creating Realistic Goals

27:01 Go and Get in the Driver’s Seat and Take Charge of Your Life

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This is the process I do every year that’s helped me create all of the goals, dreams, and outcomes I have today. I can’t wait for you to use it as well!


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