Not investing in yourself is EXPENSIVE

Are you investing in yourself? 

I don’t mean buying handbags and getting your nails done. I mean, are you investing in your mindset, your behaviour, and your thinking?

Are you investing in healing your trauma?

Because NOT investing in yourself is actually costing you. It’s costing you time, money, and above all, happiness. 

If I didn’t spend money investing in myself to work through my shit, I would not be where I am today. It’s totally worth every cent and I spent A LOT of money! Over $150,000 over 8 years. 

You may balk at this price tag but without that investment and all of my hard work, I would still be angry, bitter, and cynical. 

Every dollar I invested, I have made back in double. 

But the most important thing is how unbelievably happy I am in my life. 

What’s the point of having an expensive car, a big house, and fancy clothes if you’re miserable?

How much is your happiness worth to you? 

When you don’t invest in yourself, it will cost you somewhere else. 

If you don’t have what you want and you’re not happy with an area of your life (love, work, relationships), what’s holding you back from working on it?

Don’t tell me you’re saving for it to happen later – NOW is the right time. 

The only person holding you back is YOU.  Help is out there and you need to prioritise yourself to achieve everything you want. 

You can’t change the world if you don’t start with yourself. 

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[1:42]: We worry so much about what things cost but the big thing is not what it’s costing you, it’s what it will cost you if you don’t do something about it. 

[2:33]: If you don’t have what you want and aren’t happy in your life, love, work and world – consider there is something you can work on. 

[3:21]: Consider why you’re not investing in yourself but are happy to buy material things.

[4:36]: If I didn’t spend money investing in myself I would definitely not be where I am today. 

[5:30]: If I hadn’t healed my trauma and worked on myself, I wouldn’t have the happy marriage I have today.  

[6:45]: How worthy is your happiness? 

[6:55]: When I had no money, my happiness was worth an $8,000 retreat. I decided to not buy a wedding ring and instead use that money to invest in a mentor and my happiness. 

[8:40]: I have such a happy life, I do work that lights me up, I’m married to my best friend, and I’m surrounded by incredible women. 

[10:39]: I create free content: podcasts, LinkedIn, Instagram, youtube so people will know if I’m the right person for them and because I know the power of this work. 

[11:32]: Next level November is live! Each week will have a new offer that lasts for 7 days. Go to my website to check it out. 

[14:23]: For 8 years, I invested in myself and we spend over $150,000. The money came from working, hustling, credit cards, not getting married, not buying a wedding ring, not worrying about brands, and refinancing Hamish’s house. 

[15:28]: Find the right coach for you. 

[17:00]: When’s the last time you cried and reflected on your shit? If you didn’t learn from your experiences they will keep happening. Check out the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’.  

[19:11]: If you don’t invest in yourself, it will cost you somewhere else. 

[20:20]: How are we going to teach our kids if we don’t say ‘Mummy’s investing in herself’. 

[21:35]: We can’t change the world if we don’t start with us. 

[22:54]: Investing in your mindset has the best ROI you could get. 

[24:45]: Your happiness, joy, life, and future rely on you. What are you doing about it? If you don’t know what to do – hire people. Make it happen. 

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[26:31]: If you want to hear more, I did a podcast on ‘The 5 excuses you need to drop’.



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