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Permission to break down

My love, you don’t need to hold everything together all the time. You’re telling yourself that you need to hold it together for your partner, your kids, your work, your health but there’s nothing healthy about “holding it together”. You need to let some of the pressure out or you’re going to explode like a fucking shaken up champagne bottle. If you don’t relieve the pressure on a regular basis, shit’s going to get real.

But there’s a big caveat to this ladies – this permission to break down is only for the ladies that have been working on themselves, that have healed a lot of their shit, that are managing their mind and have the proper tools in their toolkit. If you’ve got the tools, when you break down you’ll be able to work through them, feel those feelings and move through them. If you haven’t been working on your shit, then “breaking down” is just another excuse to not do anything.

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