Raw & Real with Angel Phoenix – Part I of many

This podcast episode is VERY VERY special my love because I have my very first guest! My bestie, homegirl, soul sister, twin flame: Angel Phoenix Arsenal; Previously known as Angela Gallo, on today’s episode!!!!!!! Angel shares deeply and openly about her life, where she came from, how her life was moulding her into who she is today, how she ended up becoming the trailblazer, outspoken, Influencer, creatrix, womxn you see shaking shit up all over the internet. In this podcast she shares parts of her story that have never been shared before. She is more than a mother, more than a Doula, more than a label; Angel is rebirthing womxn all over the globe by standing in her fully expressed self. Want to know more?

Angela Gallo is a Melbourne Doula who turned her obsession with all things birth, motherhood, sexuality, women’s work, social media, justice-for-all, personal growth, passionate professional development and challenging-the-status-quo mindset, into an empire of inspiration that gets even the most stubborn of us grooving into an ass shaking + move making state of mind.

She is gregariously enthusiastic about creating monumental spaces where cis women, non-binary and/or non cisgendered women can come to play in BIG ways. 

She trains Doulas. And not just any kind of Doulas, either. Fierce, impassioned, unique, devoted-to-the-cause, resilient, visionary, trailblazer type of Doulas – the kind committed to bringing the humanity, connection and compassion back to a multitude of thresholds Doulas hold space for. Doulas who travel to the brinks of places where all hope is lost, and bring humanity back to the barren.

In addition to this, Angela is massively infatuated with all things powerful business strategy and principles, as well as the positively productive use of social media to successful amplify your brand and business. 

Angela has spent the last 6 years leaning into the epic journey of motherhood, entrepreneurship, heartbreak, witnessing the birth of many babies and the rebirth of many women, as well as too many trials and triumphs to count. The result? A reclamation of her personal powers that’s led to more pleasure, more fulfillment and more vision that she could have ever imagined.

Current/ Upcoming events and projects:

Releasing three books in 2019 – https://angelagallo.com/read-my-books/

Dynamo Doula Online Training – https://angelagallo.com/dynamo-doula-training/

Radical Resurgence Bali Retreat – 1-6 Feb 2020 – https://angelagallo.com/radical-resurgence-rebirth/

Other upcoming events – https://angelagallo.com/see-me-speak/