How they scaled their business – behind the scenes of Scale Squad

Look out business ladies, this is an episode for YOU.

If you’re ready to scale your business, double your money and your impact, then Scale Squad might be the thing you’re looking for. 

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the amazing women from this year have to say.

In this episode, I’m joined by 4 of my business queens from the Scale Squad Mastermind who are absolutely killing it! 

We talk about why they chose to invest in themselves, some of the amazing wins they’ve experienced since joining Scale Squad and how their lives and business have thrived since being in this incredible mastermind. 

It’s truly an honour to be part of these women’s lives and to help them step into who they really are, start taking huge steps in their businesses to create powerful change in the world. 

Scale Squad is an incredible community of supportive, passionate, on fire women who are determined to leave their mark on the world.

You CAN make money. You CAN make an impact and completely change your life and the lives of the generations to come. 

Money in the hands of good women will change the world. 

Believe in yourself!

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:41]: I’m so excited to share my Scale Squad from my Business Mastermind. 

[2:51]: When we have an idea to launch into the world, we doubt ourselves. But when you work on yourself and commit to a mentor and a community, you can create whatever you desire. 

[4:53]: Belle introduces herself and talks about her photography business and Camera Queens. 

[5:33]: Marlie Liss introduces herself and talks about her career as a coach for women reclaiming sensuality and an advocate for restorative justice. 

[6:24]: Jayne Craig introduces herself and talks about her business Magic in Medicine. 

[7:15]: Tamica Wilder introduces herself and talks about her career as a sex coach for Mums. 

[8:00]: Belle shares her journey to beginning in photography and talks about her limiting self beliefs and finding her worth. 

[10:30]: Belle discusses how she knew to invest in me and the incredible community. 

[12:15]: Listen to Marlee’s story on my previous podcast. 

[13:02]: Marlee talks about her journey to find her path and her mission to help women. She chose to start working with me to increase her impact in the world and address her imposter syndrome. 

[16:16]: Jayne talks about how she first met me through the Queen of Confidence and why she wanted to work with me. Her book is called ‘Magic and Medicine ~ Finding the Wise Woman Within’. 

[19:40]: Tamica talks about how she hated working for others so she knew she was destined to be an entrepreneur. She talks about making the decision to invest her time and money in beginning her business. 

[22:58]: Tamica became really honest about her scarcity mindset. When she cleared it out, it led to such amazing wins. 

[23:55]: Belle’s kids and her family comes first, so she wasn’t used to spending money on herself. Money is energy and when you’re in that flow it affects everyone. 

[26:20]: Marlee talks about investing money in herself and how it felt simultaneously terrifying and easy. When she anchored in her why, she realised she’d be hurting herself if she didn’t do it. 

[28:00]: I have a very masculine energy that struggles to ask for help but that’s what will enable us to do our purpose. 

[29:00]: Jayne talks about money as an energetic exchange and how you have to be deliberate with it. She likes to spend money where she knows it’s towards a good cause and to good people. She has expanded so much from working with Scale Squad. 

[31:30]: Tamica talks about why it’s so important for women right now to be making money. She talks about how power and leadership becomes available to her and the magnetic principles of money.

[33:10]: Jayne talks about having the ability to create wealth yourself and not be dependent on anyone else. This became more prevalent when her marriage broke up and she had to support her kids. 

[35:00]: Scale Squad coaching is open. Apply now!

[36:30]: A lot of people think that business isn’t personal but it’s all personal. Belle talks about why becoming aware of our subconscious programming is everything. Once you’re aware, you can question and do the inner work. There’s only a certain point you can get to in the masculine energy. 

[39:00]: Marlee talks about how she wouldn’t be able to look at business if she hadn’t have done the self work. Now she can hold space with love and compassion for other women and she has to take care of herself in order to do her work. 

[41:20]: Tamica talks about the wounds of being with other women and how being in Scale Squad is an incredible opportunity to dissolve those things. She felt lonely in her endeavours before coming into a mastermind group, which has been so important for friendship, encouragement and inspiration. 

[43:30]: Jayne talks about how she has loved being able to watch the other women in their businesses 

[44:55]: Belle talks about getting to a certain level where you carry a certain energetic frequency. I put out my energy for who I wanted to attract with big dreams and big hearts. 

[46:30]: I’ve always wanted to share Hamish with the world and feel so honoured I get to share his beautiful energy with the Scale Squad women. 

[48:30]: I had a big sticky note to plan the Social Impact Mastermind in 2020 and was so scared by the idea of putting it out there. Within 5 hours I had 6 women who paid a $10,000 investment.

[50:25]: Tamica launched a 1 month program in October, earning $6k and felt like she was soaring. She launched another one the month after which was $30k. She knew how much she was helping people and felt such gratitude for all the learnings.  

[53:30]: I told Belle that she needed a retreat and it was a huge learning curve. Now she’s running her second retreat and raising her prices due to demand. 

[55:00]: Belle talks about her $73k launch for Camera Queens, how the idea came to her from a meditation Erika facilitated and it was done completely organic with no ads.

[57:30]: The tall poppy mentality in Australia is so prevalent but having the community she created is amazing where they all want to see each other shine. 

[59:30]: Marlee talks about how the biggest win for her has been to overcome the tall poppy syndrome. The reason she wanted to work with me was to have someone hold her accountable to the bigger vision. The level of healing she is seeing in her academy is so amazing and there are incredible opportunities opening up. 

[1:02:30]: It’s not that you can’t do everything, it’s about focusing on one thing, automating and outsourcing and moving onto the next thing. 

[1:04:20]: For Jayne, the biggest win was finding herself more and being able to show up that way. At the beginning she was scared to talk about spirituality but she’s fully embraced it now and her following is growing as she’s more authentic. 

[1:06:30]: Tamica is creating a year long program, The O Mama’s,  for women to create sustainable ways to keep their sexuality intact. 

[1:08:40]: Belle has another photography retreat for emerging photographers and launching Camera Queens for 2022. 

[1:09:30]: Marlee just started her podcast, The Sensual Revolution, featuring humans who have turned their struggles into healing. She is also relaunching the Sensual Wholeness Academy

[1:11:00]: Jayne has launched her book and she is going to launch a course to help women create rituals to help their lives become content, calm and happy


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