Self-sabotage at its finest

Ladies, you are powerful. There is so much you can do, so much you can be. But something I see happen a lot is when people feel like there are so many things they want to do that they never end up picking one. That, my friend, is self sabotage. 

If you’re floundering in life not knowing what to do, or you’re busy creating a million offers and online courses in your business but never really mastering anything, you’re acting out of self sabotage and this episode is for you. 

I talk about the problem with having too many things on the go and how it’s actually fear that stops you from really committing to something. I talk about how we hold ourselves back because we’re afraid of choosing the wrong thing but that there is no such thing as the wrong thing. 

Make a choice. Choose today. What is life showing you? What does your heart say?

It’s time to stop listening to fear and time to start backing yourself. Go all in and see where it takes you. Life is for learning but you’ll never experience what life can give until you commit to something and give it your all. 

I love you.


[1:00]: I’m learning about resting and energetically protecting myself, which is something new for me

[3:00]: I see a lot of self sabotage when people say there are so many things they could do but never end up choosing one

[4:45]: There’s a fear of choosing the wrong thing. There is no wrong thing because the choices you make lead somewhere

[6:00]: You can do a million things, but you need to commit to something that your heart wants. Focus on one thing. 

[8:00]: You’ll never know until you follow the rabbit hole all the way. When you arrive at a problem, work out how to fix it. 

[9:25]: I can be in the confidence box, but I also do other things when clients work with me. 

[10:25]: When you’re trying to do too many things, you’re running away from honing in on one thing and really committing to it because of whatever fear you have

[11:00]: Sistahood is completely automated which means I can move onto the next launch to help women in business, Scale Squad

[13:00]: I’m not creating a million programs. It’s sabotage to throw more things into the mix. Choose one thing and go all in.

[14:20]: Business is all about troubleshooting and problem solving. Deal with whatever comes up instead of trying to escape the lesson.

[16:00]: Choose something and gain mastery. The process will teach you valuable lessons.

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