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There ain’t no tee or mug that is going to make you confident. But while you (or a friend) are practicing confidence moment to moment, you may as well look the part! A daily reminder to step into your power and cultivate bad-assery.


The Managing your Mind Mini Course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to understand your thoughts and the patterns behind your thinking
  • You are ready to start feeling better
  • You know that you can get better results and outcomes in your life if you could have an empowered mindset
  • You want to understand why you do what you do so you can shift into living in alignment
  • You know it’s time to change your mindset & make shit happen for yourself
  • You are loving my podcast or my social media content & you want to get a feel of what I can offer you (but not ready to go deep into the coaching and accountability yet)

Power Couple Online Masterclass

COMMUNICATE & CONNECT on the deepest level while honouring each other & the relationship in the process.

Join us as we:

Discover how to create respectful communication in your relationship.
Help you create your relationship blueprint - the action plan to get you connected and collaborating successfully.

Learn how to manage emotions and set boundaries in your relationship
Unpack the biggest mistakes couples are making which lead to break ups and divorce.

Reveal your personality style and what you need to flourish as an individual in the partnership.

Bonus We'll be doing some Hot Seat coaching in the training - If you want to be coached by us on the day please send your question/issue to:


Confidently Conquering Social Media

Get Out of your head. Get into your message

What you'll get:

  • a full deep dive into why Social media is needed right now more than ever

  • How to get out of your own way and end sabotage

  • Learning the commons mistakes most people make so you don't do them

  • Create an in depth actionable social media plan

  • Resources, apps, gear and tools to help you conquer social media


Confidence Tee

This top will remind you to let go of what they think and DO YOU!
Tag us in your stories or social images with #FWOT @thequeenofconfidence


Loving Bitchslap Biz Session

1.5  Hour BIZ Deep dive

This session is designed to go deep into you, the creator. We will dive deeply into your idea or current business, what you want, why you don't have it and HOW YOU CAN GET IT.


1 x One On One Session

Perfect for you if you want to explore what you need.

In this 1 .5 hour session we can go into anything you’d like to cover and work out a game plan for what you need to move forward.


How to Manage Your Mind

The way you are thinking is everything. Let me help you:

Change your mood and the way you are feeling.

Learn how to manage the ANXIETY and HIGH stress response that happens in tough times.

Discover how to be liberated from living in fear. Feel empowered and manage your mind so you can actually BOOST YOUR IMMUNE system.

I can tell you right now that this is all possible for YOU. Join me for this free training so you can learn how to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY - NO matter what is going on.