Social anxiety post lockdown

I received a fantastic question from one of my listeners Cynthia, and it happens to be the most perfect time to release this episode as Melbourne prepares for our lockdown to end tomorrow. The question is: How do I manage social anxiety coming out of lockdown?

I am SO excited to get back out into the world y’all, but for some people, there is a lot of anxiety around how they will adjust to being back in the world with other people around. We’ve become so used to being in small groups with just our family, being in our houses most of the day, staying in our little bubble. What happens when we’re able to freely move around again and all our public places, our shopping centres, our hair salons start having large numbers of people again. This may be anxiety-inducing for some of you and I want to let you know that’s okay.

Check-in with yourself. Journalling is a really good idea in this situation. Write down the feelings that you’re having about what it’s going to be like to be back out in public with other humans and think about what you need to feel safe.

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