Social Media doesn’t have to be a “dilemma”

The other night my husband and I watched a show on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma”. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. There was a lot of negativity portrayed in here around the use of social media and how it has turned into a bigger marketing machine than anyone could have anticipated.

It got my husband and I thinking and chatting about how we use social media, and how it can be used for good but how important boundaries are when using it. If you have children and they are on social media, I can’t even imagine how hard that is to navigate. My kids are only small so they’re not on it yet, but if your kids are older there is a lot that needs to be thought about here.

I think that social media is an incredibly powerful tool for business, for connecting with people, for feeling part of something but it can also spiral out of control. You can become addicted to watching other people’s lives, wishing you were them, comparing yourself to them.

In this episode today I give you some tips on how you can use social media in a positive way, setting up boundaries, talking about it with your kids and having times when you just leave your phone alone. I don’t think social media needs to be a “dilemma”, but like anything it needs your thought around how to use it properly.

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