Stop trying to please the unpleasable

I hear a lot of people refer to “they” when they’re talking about a problem they’re facing. “They will judge me, they always criticize me, they won’t understand”… I want you to catch yourself when you’re saying this. 

Who is “they?” 

I can tell you, it’s not everyone. It’s likely one person. 

So this episode is a bit of a loving bitchslap from your girl Erika to shake you out of that thinking, help you identify what the real problem is and decide on the action you’re going to take. 

It’s one person. Maybe you just need to have a conversation. 


[1:30]: How there are unpleasable people in your family, at work who want to pick a fight and complain but nobody can please them

[2:30]: How sometimes we think we want a solution but we are holding on to be right, which is a place of ego

[3:30]: There are people in your life that you won’t be able to please and you shouldn’t try

[5:00]: When people are complaining to you and not doing anything about their problem, they are just living in drama and you can’t do anything to help them

[6:30]: How having these challenging people in your life will teach you a lot

[7:30]: How my mother was always unpleasable and I was always so angry because she measured me by her metric

[8:45]: How I used to get caught up with people’s faces in the crowd and think that my events sucked

[10:30]: Now I look for the faces of people who resonate with me and however people leave my events is not up to me

[11:50]: How I’ve only had 3 critics in the whole Sistahood but you have to keep the focus on the majority

[13:15]: Don’t make their problem your problem. People want to give you a “gift” and you don’t have to accept it

[14:45]: Learn to be ok with not pleasing people. Notice how it makes you feel when you think about that.

[16:00]: The more you try to please other people, the less you please yourself. 

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