The power in telling YOUR story with Tory Archbold

Do you know the power of YOUR story? 

Every day we are given a gift to learn from the things we experience in life.

The mistakes and failures. The heartache and struggles.

They are ALL opportunities to find your inner power.

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Tory Archbold who is the CEO of Powerful Steps. We talk all about her journey of self-discovery, finding success and owning her truth to step into her power.

I feel so honoured to reflect with my sista on the challenges we’ve both faced throughout our lives, and how we sifted through all the shit to find the golden nuggets that have given us the confidence to move forward. 

We talk about forgiveness, listening to our intuition, taking care of ourselves and how understanding your story helps you to own your truth and step into your power. 

I love Tory and her incredible boldness to defy what others think and build success from the ground up. 

A small step is a powerful step, just take action.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[1:22]: Tory shares her journey traveling the world on a working visa and returning to Australia and launching her first business, Torstar. 

[6:00]: Tory took ownership of her own story and reflects on growing up without any true beliefs in what she could become. 

[9:48]: The challenges of life come and go but the opportunities that the challenges bring give you inner power. ‘Powerful Steps’ is all about this message, and creating brands to make a global impact. 

[12:18]: Every time someone told Tory ‘no you can’t do that’, she had the drive and willpower to make an impact and make it happen

[15:46]: To build a powerful personal brand, own your story and own your power. You must be comfortable and in alignment with who you are. When you can see the patterns in your history, you will then be able to nail your superpower. 

[18:13]: Look at your life lessons as gifts. Forgiving what has been will give you freedom. 

[20:24]: When you have learned the lesson, the universe opens the floodgates. The flow and synchronicity will follow. 

[24:15]: Stay in your lane. You are your competition. If you are comparing yourself to others, you don’t take ownership of your story. 

[26:00]: Tory shares how she has always listened to the secret whispers/gut instinct/intuition in her life. She trusted her inner guidance and invested in herself because a happy heart attracts miracles. 

[28:01]: Three drops of lavender oil on your chest and inhale and exhale in the shower. This practice grounds you back down to mother earth. Set your daily intent for the day in the shower. 

[29:52]: If you show your children how to shine your light, they will follow your example. Take care and prioritise yourself to really impart a good example onto your children. 

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[35:34]: Tory shares how she began her business Powerful Steps. Most importantly, surround yourself with the right people. 

[40:15]: Understanding your story enables you to understand your values. Own your truth. 

[43:48]: Recognise that you need help. Marinate in the problem and then move on. 

[45:00]: Use Covid and the lockdowns to learn, grow and evolve. 

[47:57]: When you have space in your life, you can be creative and really reflect on your business to level up. 

[53:44]: As a single mum, it was really important to teach her daughter to think big. 

[55:58]: You can join the Business Attraction Program to work with Tory to grow your brand and learn all of the insights. 

[56:56]: If you want to learn how to get really relevant brand SEO and perfect your pitch, join Tory on The Confidence to Pitch program. 

[58:44]: Power comes from having conversations like this one. Collaborate together with amazing people to find coaches and mentors. Look at the people they have around them. 

[60:18]: A small step is a powerful step, just take action. 

[60:57]: Where to find Tory.


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