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The worst advice we’ve been given

We’re giving each other advice that we probably don’t even realise is literally some of the worst advice that we can give each other. When you say, “Just be yourself”, what does that actually mean? It means staying within the boundaries of who you currently are. Or maybe it freaks you out because you don’t really know who you are. You think that you need to act a certain way, or be a certain thing because that’s who you’ve always been, but ladies – that ain’t serving you.

You need to be open to evolving and changing constantly. It’s totally fine to think of yourself as one thing, and then the next day, try something else. If you’re happy, be happy. If you’re sad, be sad. Let yourself be whoever you feel like being on any given day and roll with it. There is so much goodness to come when you’re more open with yourself to just feel your feelings and be whatever you feel like being.

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