Want to leave a LEGACY? Listen to this

Do you have big, huge, incredible dreams?

Are your life and business goals Oprah level? 

BUT do you actually focus on them? With everything you have?

We all know that not many people get what they want – their ultimate dream. So what makes the ones who do, different?

This episode is for the game changers, the trail blazers, the change makers. 

If you’re here on this earth to do big, life changing work – this one’s for you. 

The most important fire you have to build in your chest is your ‘why’ and it has to be bigger than just you. 

To create your legacy, you need to keep climbing that ladder. Climb, climb, climb and don’t get distracted by anything that will cause you to lose focus. 

Simplify, trust the process, and say ‘no’ when you need to!

You do bigger and better work when you do less.

So listen up if you want to build a legacy that will last long after you leave this world. 

Focus all of your energy on your ‘why’ and you won’t let anything get in your way.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[2:56]: Are you really focused on achieving your goals and dreams? Have you thought about how the small group of people who achieve them were able to do it? 

[3:56]: You need to be really in tune with your ‘why’, your drive and anchor it into something bigger than yourself. 

[5:02]: Remember your kids won’t be your kids forever, don’t anchor your drive into just ‘for your kids’ – it needs to be more. 

[6:16]: I have so much energy because I am on fire with my ‘why’ and anchored into what I do. 

[7:32]: If you are a legacy maker, you need to focus and simplify. You do better and bigger work when you do less. 

[9:00]: I embraced this challenge to focus on my goals and cut out everything that is a distraction. Your business can’t be everything to everyone. You will burn out. 

[10:45]: Imagine you’re climbing a ladder and everytime you help someone that isn’t what you’re focused on, they will drag you down. 

[11:48]: If we try to help everyone with so many different programs, we’re not rising up the ladder. Get to the top of the ladder and then you can help where you see the need. 

[13:28]: My ladder is limitless, and I know where I want to go. 

[14:29]: The higher I go on the ladder, the more I can help people. 

[15:42]: The amazing impact that you achieve from the top of the ladder doesn’t come to the distracted or the impatient. 

[16:42]: Focus and have patience. Make sure you have a ‘why’ that is bigger than you. One day we will die so make sure the work that you came here to do doesn’t die with you.


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