What 5 Days Off the Grid Taught Me

Sometimes, in order to reconnect, we have to disconnect. 

For someone like me, who loves being on and available and ready to go 24/7, I struggled with the idea of taking some time to recharge all the way up to getting on the plane. Five days at a spa?! Without my husband or kids?! (Or phone?!) It seemed crazy. 

But it was necessary. 

I read books. I journaled. I ate good food, slept well, and even tried equine therapy. I also let go – of thinking it’s all on me, my childhood pain, overworking. 

And in the process, I learned something invaluable about not just myself, but about how I’m living my life, how I interact with my husband and kids, and how I’m setting myself up for my future: 

Giving yourself your own attention is the best gift you can give yourself. 

Today I’m talking about the restorative power of taking time for yourself – even (especially!) when it’s the last thing on your list. You deserve the same care you give to others – it’s time to start prioritizing YOU. 



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