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What are you choosing to focus on?

My love, we need to talk about what’s going down right now in the world. I don’t really want to be doing a coronavirus episode because frankly, I don’t want to give this more fuel, but what I do want to do is check in with y’all and make sure that you’re doing okay and that you’ve got your mind sorted. How are you managing your mind right now, because what’s going down is crazy. The panic buying is out of control, the stress levels are high and people are glued to the news. That’s accelerating fear and it’s unnecessary.

Now I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t be safe. I’m not telling you that this isn’t a problem. It very much is, but how you choose to think about it, and what you choose to focus your attention on is 100% within your control. If you’re letting other people and their fears influence you and exacerbate fear, that’s serving nobody. That’s not doing anyone any good. 

How about taking the time to focus on any positives that you can find from the current situation. How about focusing on what you CAN do during this time of uncertainty, instead of thinking about all the things you can’t do. Remember, how you react is your responsibility. Do your meditation, do your breathing, stay at home if you can and focus on what you can control.

I love you and I’m here for you. Join me for a free webinar on Sunday, 22nd March, 2020 at 9AM AEST to help you manage your mind.

Take this time to work on yourself if you can, join the Sistahood, continue doing your work and love yourself up.

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