What if the person stopping you was YOU?

Do you ever wonder why up until today, you were still not able to get the life you always wanted?

You may have reached the point where you start blaming others for your failure. 

Then, you begin to point your fingers to find the reasons you believe that stop you from being successful. 

At the end of the day, you realize that there is a need to change for you to make a big difference in your life. 

But what do you think it is?

What if the person that hinders you from making your dream a reality and enjoying the life you always dream of is YOU?

Learn more about it by clicking the play button of the podcast. 

Remember, my queen! You are perfect as you are imperfect. Your imperfect self is perfect, and you don’t need to prove any validation at all. 

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:41 – The Podcast with a Guest for International Women’s Day

03:25 – An Incredible Day to Celebrate Women

04:13 – Women Having Confidence and Standing in Their power 

04:46 – Finding Reasons Why You Can’t Do What You Want to Do

05:16 – The Reasons Why Women Don’t Make Money 

05:44 – Getting Pissed Off at The External Circumstances 

06:04 – Being On Fire With Changing and Fighting the System 

06:25 -The Fire to Make a Change Starts With You

08:15 – The One that’s Stopping Yourself 

09:32 – The Woman Who Knows Who The F*ck She Is

10:25 – Finding All the Ways on Which You Cannot Flourish

11:14 –  Looking Within Yourself to Make a Change

12:33 – Choosing to Rise Despite Having All Reasons Not To

13:23 – Remembering Who You Really Are

13:50 – Rise Up and Change the World

15:07 – Knowing that YOU are Perfect as YOU are Also Imperfect

16:56 – The Need to Go Within and Solve the Problem Inside

17:16 – Where Do You Stop Yourself and Why?


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