🪶 What is a Shamanic Healing? Ft. Hamish Cramer

This episode is a juicy one!

Maybe you’ve been doing the work on yourself and been feeling like you want to access a deeper part of yourself, maybe you have been struggling with something for along time and no matter how many coaching sessions or therapy sessions you do – you just can’t seem to move through it.

Well, maybe it’s time for you to explore the incredibly powerful world that is Shamanic healing.

Hamish Cramer (my husband) is a initiated Inca Paqo otherwise known as a Shamanic healer and spiritual guide.

I interviewed him as we always get so many questions about his work and I realised I had never asked him these questions on the podcast.

Tune in to learn:

🪶 What Shamanism is

🪶 How a shamanic healing works

🪶 How to know if you are ready to experience a Shamanic healing

🪶 How Hamish went from a hard core Catholic background to stepping to Shamanism

This is part 1 of a series (he will be back to share more on this topic on things like plant medicine, how to choose a healer etc)

❤️ If you want to learn more about this or book in a free info session with Hamish you can do so here: https://hamishcramer.com/

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