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What to do if you lost your job during COVID

If you’re out there going through some trouble regarding work during this long ass pandemic that’s just never-ending it seems, this is an episode that you’ll want to tune into.

So many businesses have been forced to close and many jobs have been lost. If you are someone that has lost their job, I feel for you and I want to arm you with some steps that you can take to turn your situation around.

Firstly, you got to get your money sorted right? Whatever it takes. Apply for welfare, jobseeker, jobkeeper and any government funding you can. There’s also small business grants and other grants that you can look into. Otherwise, if you’re not able to pay your bills you might need to get a non-sexy job that gets you over the line for now. Work at a gas station, look for freelance work online, get onto Fiverr – whatever it takes to get your money sorted. 

Then you need to get out of the headspace of “I can’t”. This is a very easy place for your mind to live right now. I can’t work, I can’t exercise the way I’d like to, I can’t leave my house. Although these may be true for you, it’s not healthy to live in that mind. Instead, focus on what you CAN do. You can rejig your resume, you can get a job you don’t love for right now, you can spend more time with your kids. You can really think about where your life was heading, and where you need to pivot. 

I’ve got a lot of tips to share with you today and I hope it helps you feel armed with some positive action.

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