Who is “they”?

I hear a lot of people refer to “they” when they’re talking about a problem they’re facing. “They will judge me, they always criticize me, they won’t understand”… I want you to catch yourself when you’re saying this. 

Who is “they?” 

I can tell you, it’s not everyone. It’s likely one person. 

So this episode is a bit of a loving bitchslap from your girl Erika to shake you out of that thinking, help you identify what the real problem is and decide on the action you’re going to take. 

It’s one person. Maybe you just need to have a conversation. 


[1:00]: Last year was crazy and I’ve been focusing on living in ease. It’s been interesting observing my reaction to rest.

[3:10]: We refer to “they” but who are they?

[4:15]: Identify when you’re grouping people together and name the specific person instead of saying “they” 

[6:30]: When you identify who the problem is with, you know who to have a conversation with or set boundaries. It’s not everyone.

[7:40]: Find who it is and decide the action you are going to take. Call it out to yourself.

[9:30]: You need to have many more conversations.  Communication is the key to everything that isn’t working when it comes to another human being in our lives

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