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Why are you seeking validation?

For whatever reason, we may have something happen to us in our past (most likely our childhood or adolescence) that has us seeking validation or acknowledgement from others in some form.

The overachiever/workaholic who’s constantly trying to prove to someone that they’re good enough (that’s def been me)

The self-conscious woman who obsesses about her body image and how she needs to look externally (that’s also been me)

The workaholic who hustles their face off trying to be the most successful they’ve ever been, make the most money they’ve ever made so that they can finally get the approval from society, their parents, ex bullies etc … (been there too!)

The list goes on and on.

You finally reach a point where you realise that you don’t need validation or acknowledgement from anyone else but yourself

This is when you gain your freedom to just BE who it is you want to be.

This obviously requires deep excavation of the self and a commitment to letting go of the thoughts, beliefs and things that no longer serve your growth

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