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Why I’m no longer doing things I suck at

As you may know, I’m writing a book about confidence. It’s something that I have wanted to do for awhile and y’all know I’ve got a lot to say on the topic. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to actually write this thing. I googled it, I got transcripts from my podcast episodes, I wrote things out on sticky notes, I was doing my head in over it. I felt stressed and I wasn’t getting anywhere.

So I started thinking about something that I learned from Dean Graziosi when he said that he doesn’t focus on his weaknesses, he only focuses on his strengths. Why was I trying to write a book? I’m not a writer. I’m a speaker. I will talk at your face all day long, but make me write and I’m lost for words. I’ve created the resources that have allowed me to now outsource my book writing to a wonderful ghost writer which can leave me to continue doing the things that I know I’m great at.

This is not permission for you to procrastinate and not do things because you say you’re not good at them, but it’s an invitation to think about what you can outsource and if you can’t afford to do that right now, who can you turn to for help, or how can you work towards making enough money that you can one day outsource those things that you suck at.

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