2023 Goals & Intention!

2023 Goals & Intention!

Are you READY for 2023?

Have you taken the time to reflect on the year that was?

Have you thought about your GOALS for 2023?

What is your INTENTION for the year ahead?

Today I have my amazing hubby, Hamish Cramer, joining me on the podcast!

As we walk you though our yearly ritual of reflecting the year that was and intentionally creating the year to come.

This is our personal process that we have been doing for YEARS as a couple.

It is THE process that is responsible for supporting us to build a 7-figure global business, a loving, conscious and connected marriage, a top rated podcast plus a whole bunch of other goodness.

Basically it’s the process we use to create a life of purpose and desire.

This important yearly ritual is all about COMPLETING 2022 and then really setting ourselves up to create what we desire in 2023.

The best news is we even have a free workbook you can print out and read along as you listen to this episode!

It’s got all the questions and journal prompts to get you sorted for an incredible 2023!


Ready to slay 2023? Download your free 2023 Goals and Intentions workbook: www.thequeenofconfidence.com/2023

In this episode I cover:

  • The EXACT questions we ask ourselves when reflecting on the past year
  • Why having a WORD for the year is so important – and what ours were!
  • Our top tips on goal setting for the short term vs the long term

… and so much more