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I am so passionate about seeing women make money. Where are all the women making money? This is my mission. It’s my life’s work to empower women who want to pave a way, change the world, leave a legacy and impact the world to make it better. I live for this stuff.

I recorded this episode on the eve of my Grow Your Fempire workshop, which is an event where I shared exactly what I did to build my business up from nothing because I truly want to see women thrive in business. So for those of you who missed the event or have a business or want to start doing your own thing, I thought it would be great to talk about on the podcast too.

In this episode, I give a run through of some of the things I discussed at my Grow Your Fempire workshop and talk about killing it in business and why anybody can do it if they want to. I talk about mindset and the stories that we tell ourselves, I share some of my story and why I shouldn’t be where I am today, which is why I believe wholeheartedly that anyone can do it. 

I also talk about Scale Squad, which is something I’m so passionate and excited about. It’s a business mentoring program that I’m about to launch for a small group of selected women and I talk about why I’ve decided to do that and the impact it will make. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. 

Over the years I’ve invested so much money and time into mentoring and coaching. It is so powerful to sit under somebody who has gone where you want to go, who will call you on your bullshit, who will teach you and guide you in the right direction. If you’ve got some fire in you, if you really want to build something, what are you going to do about it? It’s time to take action, it’s time to go for it.


[1:50]: I believe that money in the hands of good business women is going to change the world. 

[3:00]: So many of my listeners are interested in how I built my business from nothing and that’s what I’m talking about in the Grow Your Fempire event.

[4:30]: I started out styling and was just trying to survive motherhood while running a business and I vlogged my whole journey.

[5:10]: I came from so much trauma, I’m not an intellectual and there’s no reason why I should be making money in my business.

[6:00]: If you want to kill it in your business, you can. You can learn strategy but you can’t learn for your heart to be in the right place.

[7:30]: I don’t want to work with people who just want to make money. I want to work with people who want to leave a legacy and change the world because that’s who I am and I know how to help those people.

[8:30]: Before I had kids, I invested in a business program and a business coach but I didn’t execute on what I learned for another 2 years

[9:50]: Please write a review for my podcast!

[11:00]: Apply for the business mentoring program

[11:50]: Some business coaches act out of integrity but I do things differently to be straight up with how you can build your business

[13:00]: I launched the first mastermind in June 2020 called Social Impact Mastermind and now it’s called Scale Squad. It lights me up to see the amazing things these women have created in their businesses.

[14:45]: You need to get around people who are doing what you want to do. Do your due diligence, research, find people who have already done it so they can teach you.

[16:25]: Some of the things I tell my clients took me years and thousands of dollars to figure out. Use your fear to fuel you, not fuck you.

[17:44]: 90% of women owned businesses will not make $100k pa and 50% of women doubt themselves. After 10 years, only 4% of businesses are remaining and not necessarily profitable.

[19:50]: Why you’re not making money in your business training 

[20:13]: If your business isn’t growing, you have to look at what’s going on. The common denominator is you so find a way.

[21:15]: The people who execute make it happen and they’re not necessarily the best at what they do. But they’re doing it instead of getting stuck in their head about how they’re not good enough.

[22:00]: You don’t have to have a huge story. A lot of people will resonate with your story but if you’re holding yourself back, what story are you telling yourself?

[24:00]: I made Scale Squad to support women and call people on their bullshit but they need to have their own fire

[25:20]: Nobody watch my IGTV until I proved that I was committed to showing up and adding value

[26:15]: I like to be well known for the one thing I do really well. When people come to me, I can talk about all the other things as well. 

[30:00]: If you like my style and you wanna know how I do what I do, Scale Squad is where it’s at.

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