Become the Queen B of your industry.


An intimate and exclusive 6 month container meticulously crafted for women who are ready to elevate their influence and amplify their authority.


If you know it’s time to claim your space

press play.

I see you

the woman who wants to have

more influence & more impact

But maybe you're the world’s best kept secret...

You have a huge message and impact to make but your visibility is limited.

You know that you’re here to share a message for the masses and you’re ready to amplify your authority.

You're ready to own your unique X-factor...

You’ve got an incredible brand and business but struggle to stand out. You’re done playing safe, being vanilla, boring, copy and paste. You have a story to tell and a massive difference to make.

You’re done being like able. You’re ready to ruffle feathers and stop blending it.

You’ve built an incredible business but lack in your personal brand...

You’re known for the product or business you created in the marketplace and now you’re ready to share YOUR story and become the leader and person of influence in your space.

You’re ready to expand your personal brand, build trust, credibility and authority.

Yes, I'm ready

What we'll cover:

Press play to get a behind the scenes of what I’ll be teaching inside The Queen’s Table:

The power & presence


  • Step into your X-Factor: Uncover and own your unique and powerful magnetism. Understand what it takes to be felt before you are seen and attract everything you desire. It's about digging deep, owning your strengths, and using them to pull opportunities towards you like a magnet. Understand the game: it’s not just about being seen, it’s about being felt. Master this, and you’ll start attracting everything you want. Own your space, command your power, and watch the world come to you.

  • Mindset for High Achieving Queens: Embrace a resilient, growth-driven mindset that empowers you to face challenges with courage while staying true to your authentic self. It’s time to stop playing small, shrinking back, or doubting your incredible potential. Discover the path to building an unshakable confidence that reflects your inner strength and integrity. Let's rise together, fiercely and wholeheartedly.

  • Personal Brand Mastery: Dive deep and truly unlock the powerhouse potential of your personal brand. Learn how to sharpen your messaging, and crystalize your value proposition so it’s not just clear—it’s compelling. This is about making sure your brand doesn’t just touch your audience, it grabs them. Your brand needs to resonate deeply, authentically, and powerfully with the people you were meant to inspire and lead. We’re here to create impact, cut through the noise, stand out, and show the world what you’re really made of. It's time to own your space and leave your unique mark.


Amplify Your Authority

The women who sit at The Queen’s Table expect a straightforward, results-oriented process designed to scale their personal brand, magnify their voice in the media, and position themselves as the thought leader in their industry.

Over a six-month period, you will engage in an intimate and focused setting where every strategy and discussion is directed towards placing YOU at the forefront of your field.

— Now its your turn


The Finer Details:


    We’ll start with a one-day in-person mastermind event, designed to connect you with Queens, do the groundwork for your brand building and set the tone for the months ahead.

    Live sessions with industry leaders including Publicity Experts, Book Publishers, and the head of a TedX chapter.

    Engage in high-level discussions and receive personalized advice tailored to your specific challenges. Be supported by women who are making big moves at the table.


    Throughout the six months, you'll have private access to me. This ensures personalized support and direct feedback to help refine your strategies and accelerate your growth.
  • Access to my personal black book of contacts

    This is gold and I don’t share this with anyone. Making things happen is all about who you know.

    We conclude with a full-day in-person event, encapsulating your progress and setting the stage for your continued success.

Now it's your turn

By the end of the 6 months you will have become the woman who can:


Attract a book publishing deal  •

Get paid 5 figures to speak  •

Attract media opportunities  •

Apply and give a TedX talk  •

Sell out your services  •

Grow a cult like following on social media  •

Build an unforgettable and powerful personal brand  •

Attract celebrity interviews  •

Scale your podcast   •

    Which one will you choose? Or will you do them all?

    • What would it be worth to have a publisher pick up your book and distribute it around the world?

    • Imagine getting paid five-figures to speak on stage and share your message?

    • What would it do to your visibility to guest on larger podcast where you can expand your audience?

    • Imagine being known as the go-to woman in your industry who absolutely dominates her space, is booked out and highly sought after?

    • What value would it bring to interview celebrities and people of influence on your podcast?

    Your next Steps

    Entry into The Queens Table is by application only and involves a five-figure investment.

    We have limited spots available as this will be my most intimate container (less than 20 women).

    Due to the intimacy, it’s important that we welcome women who are the right fit.


    The Queens Table is for you if...

    • You have an established personal brand that is ready to be elevated
    • You are a high level woman making 6-7 figures in your business
    • You have a desire to get your message across a greater audience through the mediums of speaking, publishing, media or PR
    • You are ready to build your visibility and become the authority in your industry
    • Your actions speak louder than your words. You’re coachable and take immediate action
    • You know you came here to make a huge impact on the world and are ready to take your space.
    • You want to be supported by someone who not only talks the talk but has walked the walk
    • You’ve been looking for a way to absolutely expand and next level your personal brand
    • You are ready to step into your X-factor and make everything you create unique and memorable
    • You are generous and ready to cheer other high level women on and share what’s working well for you
    • You are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and don’t want to waste anymore time

    Things to consider:

    This is an investment in your time, money and energy, only serious applicants will be considered. This is not for women who are just starting out.

    For the first time ever, I’ll be opening up my black book of contacts.

    I’ll be sharing the exact process I use when pitching a book proposal, how I create and deliver killer keynotes, how I attracted celebrity interviews and exploded my podcast…

    And I’ll be personally supporting you to step into your spotlight and claim your space with intention and authority.

    This is coaching container with mastermind calls and experiences led personally by Erika Cramer.

    You must be ABSOLUTELY ready to play a bigger game, take action and claim your space.

    Yes, I am in.
    You’ll be notified within 72 hours if your application is successful.
    Please note that we will only contact successful applicants.

    Meet your coach

    Erika Cramer

    She is widely recognised as The Queen of Confidence, is a tour de force in the realms of speaking, empowerment coaching, podcasting, and social influence. With an invigorating blend of American grit, raw vulnerability, and high energy, she has captivated audiences and clients alike, driving them toward unprecedented levels of success and self-belief.

    She is the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed self-development book “Confidence Feels Like Sh*t”, that serves as an authoritative manual for self transformation through building resilience and self confidence. Erika is currently working on her second book that will be published with Penguin Random House January 2025.

    Beyond her public appearances, Erika has nurtured a robust online community numbering in the tens of thousands. Through her strategic and high-impact coaching programs, she has empowered countless women to break free from their self-imposed limitations and unapologetically take up space.

    A space where Impact driven Queens Connect

    Show up & take their space

    this is an invitation for you to take up space.

    It's time to make a bigger impact, and claim your seat at the table.